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See how we help people in Winter Garden, FL with the most comprehensive set of occupational therapy services in the area

Play skills

Children need to physically be able to play. This is not just good for their body, but for their mind as well.

Balance and coordination training

You need balance and coordination to do almost everything during the day.

Handwriting and Drawing training

This training is designed to help with creativity and academics

Independence with Self-Care skills

Hygiene, eating, dressing and basic chores are all things a child needs to learn to do on their own.

Hand-Eye Coordination training

Along with balance, this is also another area children need to master in order to get through the day.

Sensory Integration Therapy

Kids may be oversensitive to sensory input, undersensitive, or both. We can help.


1450 Daniels Road

Winter Garden, FL  34787

Phone: (407) 395-9976

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