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Handwriting and Drawing training

Handwriting and Drawing training
Handwriting and Drawing training
Handwriting and Drawing training

Handwriting is a complex process of managing written language by coordinating the eyes, arms, hands, pencil grip, letter formation, and body posture. The development of a child's handwriting can provide clues to developmental problems that could hinder a child's learning because teachers depend on written work to measure how well a child is learning.

Occupational therapists can evaluate the underlying components that support a student's handwriting, such as muscle strength, endurance, coordination, and motor control, and parents can encourage activities at home to support good handwriting skills. (

Here are some of the things we do for handwriting and drawing therapy:

-- Demonstrate proper posture to supports the proper use of the arms, hands, head, and eyes.

-- Measure the level of physical strength and endurance.

-- Analyze fine motor control, such as the ability to hold a writing utensil.

-- Determine visual and perceptual ability that influences a child's ability to form letter and shapes using a writing utensil.

-- Help develop and evaluate handwriting curriculums and collaborate with teachers on effective strategies.

-- Suggest home activities that promote the development of skills needed in good handwriting.

Call us today if your child is having trouble with their handwriting or drawing. We can help alleviate their frustration and excel in both of these areas.

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