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Developmental Delay Therapy

Developmental Delay Therapy
Developmental Delay Therapy
Developmental Delay Therapy

There are milestones children need to hit from the time they are born. Common milestones for physical development are:

2 Months

Holds head up with support
Begins to push up when lying on tummy
Makes smoother movements with arms and legs

4 Months

Holds head steady without support
Pushes down on legs when feet are on a hard surface
Rolls over from tummy to back
Holds and shakes toys, swings at dangling toys
Brings hands to mouth
Pushes up to elbows when lying on tummy

6 Months

Rolls over both from stomach to back and from back to stomach
Begins to sit with support
Supports weight on legs when standing and might bounce
Rocks back and forth, sometimes crawls backward before moving forward

9 Months

Sits without support
Moves into sitting position with support
Stands, holding on to adult or furniture for support
Pulls to stand

1 Year

Moves into sitting position without support
Pulls up to stand and walks alone while holding onto furniture
Takes few steps without support of adult or furniture
Stands alone

18 Months

Walks alone
Pulls toys while walking
Helps undress self
Drinks from a cup
Eats with a spoon

2 Years

Begins to run
Climbs onto and down from furniture without support
Walks up and down starts while holding on for support
Throws ball overhand
Draws or copies straight lines and circles
Stands on tiptoes
Kicks a ball

If you do not think your child is meeting their milestones, reach out to us today. Our physical therapists are terrific and are here to help.

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