Apraxia of Speech

Apraxia of Speech
Apraxia of Speech
Apraxia of Speech

Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) is a speech disorder in which a child’s brain has difficulty coordinating the complex oral movements needed to create sounds into syllables, syllables into words, and words into phrases. Typically, muscle weakness is not to blame for this speech disorder.

Parents of children with childhood apraxia of speech commonly say things like, "No one can understand my son," "It looks like he is trying to say the word, but can't get it out," and "He said that word one time, and then I never heard it again." (chop.edu) Signs or Apraxia of Speech could be:

- Inconsistent errors on consonants and vowels in repeated productions of syllables or words (for example, a child says the same word differently each time he tries to produce it).

- Difficulty producing longer, more complex words and phrases.

- Inappropriate intonation and stress in word/phrase production (for example, difficulty with the timing, rhythm and flow of speech).

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