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More Than Just Therapy

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Metamorphosis Therapy Center has been proudly offering pediatric therapy services for children with autism in the greater Orlando area since 2010. Our Commitment to offer superior therapy programs continues with our all new Bee Younique Autism Learning Program for Early Intervention. Our program was developed to provide the necessary skills for children to become successful participants in their families, community and educational environments. 


Our programs strongly emphasize language, communication, imitation, play, social and self-help skills and our mission is to continue giving children with autism Their Wings to Fly.

Why Parents Choose Us

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There are a number of reasons why parents recommend other parents come see us and one of the main reasons is because  our team  is dedicated to providing the best quality Applied Behavior Analysis in an environment where you are a valued contributor to your child’s progress.

We emphasize play and fun as the foundation for improving functional skills. Our treatment model is naturalistic - focusing on skills that can be reinforced in the natural environment

We cultivate real and authentic connections to clients, families, coworkers, and other professionals.

We promote a unique and meaningful therapy experience - the more fun, the more learning.

Insurances Accepted

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Both my sister and I used Metamorphosis Therapy several years ago for our sons and they were just wonderful.  The owner herself gave my son speech therapy and is just so sweet and caring.  To this day we still keep in touch and she asks how our boys are doing.  I also used them with my other son for occupational therapy and had a great experience as well.  Highly recommended!

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